Slayer Evaluation


What is the final test?

The final test is a hands-on, live action examination of your abilities and qualifications to be a certified slayer. You will not be tested in physical endurance or strength but in overall skill, strategy, strength of character, and perseverance.

Skills to be tested:

  • combat methods
    • punching
    • kicking
    • safety and form
    • staking technique
    • creativity
  • self defense
    • escape positions
    • calmness
    • resourcefulness
    • basics of anatomy
    • safety
  • demonology research
    • effectiveness
    • resourcefulness
    • team work
    • problem solving
  • slayer instinct
    • leadership
    • ability
    • environmental awareness
    • intuition
    • confidence
    • focus
  • slaying methods
    • accuracy and aim
    • effective strategy and thoughtfulness
    • improvisation
    • ability to pun
    • fearlessness

You cannot take the test unless you have completed all 5 slayer training classes. You will receive a complete review with marks when you complete your test and your instructor will let you know if you have passed or not.

* There is a fee associated with the final test, you can take the test up to 3 times without paying the fee again. If you need to take the test more than 3 times you will need to pay another fee.


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