The Trainings

Completion of all 5 slayer training classes is required to graduate from the slayer certification program. You will receive a badge upon completion of each class and must present all 5 badges to your instructor to be eligible for the final test. If you pass the final test you will be included in the next Class Protector ceremony where you will receive your slayer certificate. Once you receive your certificate you can participate for free in any upcoming long LARP games. New long LARP games are offered each month.

  • Xander’s Self Defense
    • you must live before you can fight, learn how to escape an attacker’s hold, block punches and kicks, relevant body anatomy for defense, how to be fearless.
  • Scoobies Research
    • know the evil you face, demonology research and problem solving, teamwork, leadership, intellectual stamina.
  • Slayer’s Instinct
    • environmental awareness, sensory deprivation, effective reactivity, improvisation, intuition, bravery, fearlessness, self confidence meditation/focus yoga/balance.
  • Slaying Methods
    • how to fight the evil you face, staking techniques, methods of defense (holy water, crosses, protection spells), weapons training, aim/precision, improvised weapons, punning.
  • Big Bad Combat
    • learn kickboxing and martial arts, body anatomy for combat, build strength, improve stamina, cardio, and improvisation.


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* Disclaimer: 
This event includes aspects of live action role play including scenarios that may be scary, frightening, and stress inducing. You should not participate in this event if you have any health condition that may cause you to become injured or unsafe during this event. Please consult your doctor and ensure you are in good condition to participate. 
The leaders of this event are not certified fitness instructors or trainers. The class will be lead by Faye Fearless with the help of experienced MMA and Tae Kwon Do fighters. Faye Fearless is a hardcore Buffy fan and experienced kickboxer. She is knowledgeable in self defense methods and will encourage potentials to develop their slayer skills and become fearless, bold leaders.