LARPs- live action role play games

Short LARPs- 30min to 2 hours

Each of our short LARP games are played exclusively during one of our 5 slayer training classes. You must attend the class to play the LARP game. You will receive a badge upon successful completion of each slayer training class. Badges count towards the slayer certification program.

“The Harvest”       30 minutes, slayers vs vampires
Tonight is the Harvest. The one night a century when the master can be freed. He will use one of his order, called the vessel, to feed. The master will be free when the vessel takes enough offerings. You must find and cast a spell to trap the master forever. Kill the vessel or release hell on earth.

* To participate in “The Harvest” you must attend Xander’s Self Defense class.

“The Vampire Dust Bowl”       30 minutes, slayers compete against each other
A game of skills, speed, precision, and punning. Each slayer will run through the vampire maze dusting as many beasties as they can without stopping. Most of the vampires are bound by spells and immobile but some roam free. Includes slayer pun-off! Awards and prizes will be given to the best slayer in 3 categories: speed, precision, and punning.

* To participate in “The Vampire Dust Bowl” you must attend Slaying Methods class.


Long LARPs- 2+ hours

These are stand alone games that do not include slayer training. A new LARP game is available each month. Long LARPs do not earn badges or count towards requirements for slayer certification program. There is a fee to attend the long LARP games unless you have successfully graduated from the slayer certification program. Graduates of the program can attend all long LARP games for free with advance sign up. Games will be announced soon!


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* Disclaimer:
This event includes aspects of live action role play including scenarios that may be scary, frightening, and stress inducing. You should not participate in this event if you have any health condition that may cause you to become injured or unsafe during this event. Please consult your doctor and ensure you are in good condition to participate.
The leaders of this event are not certified fitness instructors or trainers. The class will be lead by Faye Fearless with the help of experienced MMA and Tae Kwon Do fighters. Faye Fearless is a hardcore Buffy fan and experienced kickboxer. She is knowledgeable in self defense methods and will encourage potentials to develop their slayer skills and become fearless, bold leaders.