Our Story

Buffy Boot Camp was developed by Faye Fearless, a female empowerment writer based out of Austin, TX. Inspired by her favorite ass-kicking teenage girl, Buffy Summers, Faye fantasized about the power and strength of the slayer, fighting evil and saving the world in sweaters, skirts, and stylish, yet affordable boots.

Buffy was an amazing, complex character. She was both super hero and normal girl facing life. She was never safe from evil and inner demons. The forces against her were seemingly more powerful, more organized, and unstoppable. Yet, she never gave up.

“The hardest thing in this world is to live in it” -Buffy Summers

I thought I could kick ass. I dreamed of it. Fantasized about it on my walks at night. Secretly I wished to be tested. I wanted to prove myself. To verify the power I felt I already possessed.

Buffy Boot Camp is a community for potential slayers, men and women of exceptional character and uncrushable inner strength. You have been chosen, and you must succeed.

Come to Buffy Boot Camp to be inspired, motivated, empowered, strengthened, taught, tested, and feared. You will learn how to become a real slayer. The skills, the power, the strength and the puns.


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* Disclaimer: 
This event includes aspects of live action role play including scenarios that may be scary, frightening, and stress inducing. You should not participate in this event if you have any health condition that may cause you to become injured or unsafe during this event. Please consult your doctor and ensure you are in good condition to participate. 
The leaders of this event are not certified fitness instructors or trainers. The class will be lead by Faye Fearless with the help of experienced MMA and Tae Kwon Do fighters. Faye Fearless is a hardcore Buffy fan and experienced kickboxer. She is knowledgeable in self defense methods and will encourage potentials to develop their slayer skills and become fearless, bold leaders.