Slayer Certification Program

What is this program?

We make slayers from potentials through a series of trainings and tests. You will develop strength, stamina, focus, resilience, and fearlessness. You will learn how to defend yourself and others. You will learn how to fight effectively and kick ass. Alongside the scoobies you will research, plan tactics, forge weapons, and eat donuts.

Incorporating yoga and meditation we will improve your balance and deepen your focus. Your natural slayer intuition will be tuned and strengthened. Your environment will test you. You must use all your senses, resources, and power to succeed.

Real life scenarios and dangers will test your new skills and prepare you for what lies ahead. You will fight demons, vampires, and untold evils. You will be tired, hopeless, defeated, and torn down. But you will not stay down. You cannot.

Complete the trainings, pass the test, pun with a vengeance, and defeat the big bad to become a certified slayer.

Not all who begin this program will graduate. But if you reach graduation the rewards are great. Certified slayers will receive a certificate, leadership qualifications, rights to pretentiousness, and gain free access to monthly live action role play games!




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